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Country Code AT
Country Name Austria
Aircraft tail code prefix(es) OE
Airport ICAO code prefix(es) LO
Continent Europe
Geolocation [I] N481200 E0162100
Info (external) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austria
# of manufacturers in DB 16
# of aircraft types in DB 29
Total # of aircraft built (from DB) 5 114
# of aircraft registered here (in DB) 1 495
# of aircraft manufactured here (in DB) 1 443
# of airports in DB 94
Total # of passengers in airports (from DB) 31 598 559
# of aeroclubs in DB 6
# of airlines in DB 14
# of air shows in DB
# of air races in DB
# of air museums in DB 8
# of aviators in DB 5
# of books in DB 7
# of related collections